For Candidates:

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For W-2 Contractors:

Please download I-9 and W-4 and appropriate state tax form here. If you are not a resident of DC, MD or VA, please contact to request the appropriate state form. If we do not have this information we cannot submit your information for payroll.

Please also download the Policies and Procedures form here and a blank Timesheet.

We also highly recommend that you enroll in direct deposit for expedient pay. If you do sign up for direct deposit, in an effort to be green, we do not mail pay stubs, but instead you can enroll to view your paystub online which will be ready before the associated pay day. You will be sent an invitation to enroll during your first pay period. You can also download instructions here.

If you do not wish to have direct deposit into your personal bank account, we also now offer direct deposit onto a Debit Card called the Intuit Pay Card. It costs you nothing to enroll or maintain, and it�s much quicker and safer than a live check. Please download the Intuit Paycard Consent Form to enroll.

Some of our clients require background checks to be completed as a contingency of employment. If requested, please complete the Release Form to submit.

MIT Group is now offering employee benefits for long term W-2 contract employees who live in the DC Metropolitan tri-state area. On the first of the month following 90 days from your date of hire, you will be eligible to participate in our benefits program which includes health and dental insurance, as well as paid time off. Please inquire with your recruiter but you will also receive an email 30 days before your date of eligibility.

For 1099 Sub Contractors:

Please download the W-9 and Policies and Procedures for 1099 here.

You will be asked to complete a weekly timesheet to submit with your invoice. Download that here.

If you select wire transmittal as method of payment to you, please download this form.

Please participate in our survey.